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I suggest Barbancourt.

I went to the meeting tonight in Oakton. The problem is that if you believe that more and more people will be using 66, SOMETHING has to be done. If people REALLY want to get there on time, they'll have to figure out whether it is 'worth it' to them. I can bike from just about any point on the W&OD/Custis from Vienna to Arlington in enough time to make it competitive for a commute. But most people won't use the new bike path for their entire commute. It will pick up the short commutes and recreational folks. That's a GOOD thing for all of us. I don't understand why people think "their" roads should be "free". There is a cost to everything in life!

I can understand that if you had to use them every day, the HOT lanes tolls would be ridiculously expensive. But if congress isn't going to fully fund the Highway Trust Fund, there are going to be more tolls and more public-private partnerships. This is the problem, not bike lanes.

The bike lanes are a scapegoat. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars (depending) to pave a lane-mile of road--just to pave it--and these politicians pretend it's the bike lane extensions that cause the tolls. It appears to be a fairly specious bit of politicking: they create the problem by not having the leadership to get the needed funds, then try to shift the blame on to someone else.

The extended trail would also be alongside the section of 66 that is being planned to be widened. VDOT wants ten lanes between Haymarket and Dunn-Loring.

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