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This makes me feel old since I was bike commuting in DC back in 1990, before its was hip. Chicks did not dig guys wearing those Bell Biker hard shell helmets with the orange reflective stripes. And there was no yoga then either.

I remember, too. And not just the yoga part.

Moved down here from the Boston area in 1989 and started commuting from outer Rockville to Bethesda. After Boston it seemed like a cycling desert--just a few random bums and roadies out there.

I don't mess with no yoga. Good data show that mindfulness is bad for implicit learning and creativity.

Was bike commuting in Richmond back then. We didn't need no stinking bike lanes, helmets, carbon, panniers, or waterproof rainwear. We locked our bikes to trees, and if the tree wasn't big enough, someone would snap it in half and take the bike. True story.

If I live in Alexandria, and commute through Arlington and DC to Bethesda, do I get counted 4 times? :-)

No. You get counted based on where you live.

I remember the hills being shorter and less steep then.

That dang earthquake changed everything.

Damn earthquake! We moved to Bethesda after the ride home to Norbeck became uphill (and upwind from Octember through April).

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