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Even though the PDF DDOT put out says the Palisades has high demand for Capital Bikeshare, there are no current plans to put bike share in the Palisades.
I am very disappointed.

Is there anywhere that lists the actual locations of the 99 stations, or is there just a small fuzzy unlabeled map with dots?

Did anyone else find that report unreadable? I struggled to make sense of it.

It's hard to read, but I could follow it. It's like each piece is separate, but also feeds into the next. But you can pretty go to page 57 (I think) and start there. There's a lot of lead in to that point.

Ampersand, there's no list because they don't know the exact locations where they want to place stations (except the 20 already chosen.

Brett, while I get that that is frustrating, that is a measure of how many people asked for one there - which is kind of a measure of wealth and education, since being able to know how to and have the time and inclination to do so is not something everyone has the luxury of.

But the Palisades scores low on expected ridership, expected revenue and public health and wellness. It does OK on accessibility, but mostly in C&O canal park.

Thanks for the response; I should have taken the time to dig around the report before commenting. I was hoping to figure out where specifically they were planning to place one in my neighborhood (near Navy Yard) because the zoomed-in map section for the area is covered up by an oversized legend. I guess I'll find out when(/if) they put it in!

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