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I think connections like the GCCCT are out of scope for the project, and would be something that Fairfax county would need to work separately. (I'd be amazed if they weren't, but regardless I don't think VDOT would put it on the I66 plan because of the scope issue.)

IIRC the GCCCT runs on the sidewalk on Blake there, and the best route from the the GCCCT to the existing WOD in Vienna is through MetroWest and across the highway on Vaden to Nottoway Park. Not sure any new construction is actually needed for the connection (though improvements would be nice) just good signage.

The Cross County trail doesn't terminate there but it is mostly just signed on the sidewalk rather than there being any sort of trail there.

Anyway, I've found an on street route from the cross county trail that works pretty well.

You can leave the trail at Tobin road and use the neighborhood streets and a convenient cul-de-sac connecting trail to get to US 50 which then lets one cross 50 and eventually ride into the Mosaic District and up to Gallows Road/the W&OD if you want.

It'd be great if there could be some bike mileage signs indicating that you can get to Mosaic/Metro/W&OD without having to keep going over towards Fairfax and Vienna.

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