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I rode it Friday due to the WW Bridge closure. There are signs saying to dismount, but it is cyclocross season, so.....

The detours just show that this isn't the park service's strength, as with their extended repavings of roads that a DOT would knock off in a quarter of the time. But the improvements look to be very nice, despite the fact that I always did kinda enjoy the S-turn by the oak tree.

I'm glad they're getting rid of that S curve around the tree - while out running over the years I've had to help 2-3 cyclists who've wiped out at that spot.

It's the mountain biker in me what enjoys it, but even so, I did clip the pavement with a pedal once. If you consider the thousands of trips through there every week and the increasing probability of accidents that causes, yeah, that S-turn needed to go.

I've seen more accidents just south of there on the curve that goes down to the Four Mile Run Trail. If that could be widened and have the curve eased, that would help.

The mulch detours are pretty horrid however the sidewalk detour from the area of the S-Curve to cross the road leading into the airport is worse.

Southbound detour I really like (posted by someone else) -- make a left off the MVT at the sign pointing to the airport. Do not follow the trail into the tunnel under the roadway, but instead hea