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Thanks for highlighting this, I saw they plan to redo the bridge as well.

One option which they don't consider is merely extending the bridge length 15-20' to the west to allow enough additional space for the trail, negating the need for a tunnel.

8th and Monroe is a dangerous intersection for both cyclists and pedestrians. That's a north-south MBT crossing for cyclists & a major crossing to the MSM Arts Walk for pedestrians. Likewise, Monroe Street is a busy east-west thoroughfare and the curvature of the Monroe Street Bridge obscures the line-of-sight for westward traveling cars. A tunnel under Monroe Street would be the ideal solution there but, in the interim, there ought to be a hawk signal or some such other traffic calming.

This intersection is really close to the Metro entrance, so this is a logical crossing from the Edgewood neighborhood. The sight lines are poor over the bridge. I don't trust people to stop for me in the crosswalk. If DDOT wants to go cheap, why not just install a stop sign here?

THANKS for an excellent articulation and illustration of the situation, and options for improvements. Now that the Fort Totten MBT section appears to be on track for loooong delayed funding and construction (Blair Road seems less certain) now is the time to advocate with your District CouncilMembers (e.g., Brandon Todd) about the need to connect he existing MBT all the way along the tracks behind the buildings to connect to this new tunnel in 2020.

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