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This had been on their long-term plan, so I'm glad to see it's under work.

This is the westernmost edge (along the King St axis) I think you'll see Cabi go for quite some time, because Fairfax's road network is atrocious once you head out towards Bailey's.

One challenge in this area is the jurisdiction boundary. That is, Fairlington-to-Bradlee woudld be a natural Cabi trip (neighborhood roads, flat elevation), but Fairlington is almost all Arlington, and Bradlee is Alexandria. Right now there are no West End Alexandria Cabi stations, so any Fairlington-area stations can only go down to Shirlington or the FMR axis.

Fairlington, as part of the Bike Pedestrian Master Plan update, the City of Alexandria has proposed several stations in this area - including NVCC Alexandria, Park Center, and Bradlee.

Of course it will be some time before the Master Plan is approved, and funding will still need to be found.


See slide 51.

Oh goody, more plans and public meetings.

Yup. The Alexandria Gateway DSUP goes to the planning commission tomorrow night. The developer proffers including 60k for a bike share station.

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