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Very sad news. Has there been an increase in cyclist fatalities this year? It seems like it.

It's unfortunate that the Post refers to it as an accident, with no evidence or reasons to back that up (despite the fact that they say the driver turned into Brewer's path).

Very sad.

Until we know that Mr. Brewer's headlights were working, I would withhold judgment on whether "accident" is right term.

5:30 would be about 30 minutes after sunset, but an hour before the end of twilight.

A gray area.

I doubt a cyclist could get convicted for not having a light, but I'm not sure a driver could get convicted for failing to notice a cyclist without a light at that hour.

If all the surrounding cars have their headlights on, it's hard to see a vehicle without a light at that hour. Most drivers turn their headlights on at sunset, if not before.

People riding bikes need to be more careful how they swervingbin the streets through cars while turning

Thanks tee, I would say that in some cases that is true, but in most cases cyclists are appropriately careful. Same is true for drivers. We don't yet know what the cause of this crash was.

This has devastated Chris Brewer's family!! His wife is six months pregnant and trying to come up with $1800 to finish paying for his burial! Chris was a good dude... A drummer for a quartet group that just got a record deal which meant solvency for him and his family!! This is awful !!!

Charles, do you know if there has been a charity for his family set up in his name that people can donate to?

Chris was my best friend all the way from high school and he will truely be missed. He was always a good guy and always looked out for people. My prayers go out to his family and I am praying for you all and send my condolences to them also

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