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I'd guess part of the reason the bike racks are underutilized is that the bike-unfriendly road infrastructure

I don't think you can say that at College Park. The Anacostia trails run right next to it and the Trolley Trail is only a few blocks away. the area between US-1 and the metro are very bike friendly.

Bike racks seem pretty full to me at College Park, but only on the UMD side, not the parking garage side where the indoor bike station is.

Likewise Greenbelt Metro is usually full in the indoor section, but not full in the outdoor sections.

Could it be that people don't realize the indoor parking is even there?

Metro's changes are for the good. Maybe they now need to do a little bit of marketing and perhaps put some signage up by the exterior racks directing cyclists to the indoor parking.

Will it be less secure, now that anyone can get in?

I felt safe leaving my bike in the Bike and Ride, without taking off my lights, which are probably worth more than the bike.

I didn't mind paying 5 cents an hour, except for when I accidentally signed in twice and for a month was paying 5 cents an hour whenever my bike was not at the station.

What I mind is that I have to go to College Park for a facility like this, when another station is closer to my house (and not at the bottom of a hill).

Not anyone can get in (not anymore than before). You still need to register your SmartCard and swipe in.

Hopefully. Can't you register a smart card under a fictitious name after paying for it with cash? The Bike-and-Ride card seemed to include more significant efforts to make sure you were you, including a picture taking session of sorts.

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