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PG County and MoCo are totally missing the bus on bike friendliness. And I'm not just saying that because my Whole Foods removed their admittedly crappy bike rack and told me they're not going to replace it.

That reminds me that White Flint Mall reportedly had a few bike racks in the parking garage and I wanted to raise a posse to go and liberate them before the wrecking balls came. Whole Foods would have been a good recipient of some guerrilla bike parking. Whoops.

The Whole Foods in Arlington has a lousy old comb rack out by a parking space. Park there and you're going to get your bike hit or messed with. Most people use the barricades out front, and every now and then an employee will tell one of us about the bike racks, like we don't know.

On the other hand, the new MOM's on Lee Highway has good racks right out front, and so far the store isn't crowded like WF. So I've been going there more.

We have considered moving to MoCo for more affordable housing, but the lack of bike infrastructure and safe riding routes to the city have kept us where we are. Unless you're right by a trail, it kinda sucks.

In other words, thank you Arlington. Not perfect certainly but good enough for me and getting better.


I used to live by Forest Glen. It's relatively affordable, on a Metro line and bikable into DC by several routes.

If Arlington is Silver, then Alexandria ought to be demoted to Bronze.

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