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I got quite a workout live-tweeting this hearing.

This is the Storify collection based on the hashtag I used - mostly my semi-snarky semi-reporterly play-by-play tweets but a few others got some good observations in as well.


It's clear that MPD would like to block stop-as-yield. I agree with Mary Cheh that it's not a core element of the other safety measures in these bills, but the status quo is not equitably enforced (even among cyclists) so if it's stricken here I'd like to see it presented with language and rationale similar to that which succeeded in eliminating bicycle licensing and reclassed minor pot possession.

It's also clear that the mayor (represented in the hearing by her appointee to DDOT) is clinging to status quo on at least one of the items that didn't reach consensus in the working group: lowering road speeds. This isn't surprising, given that her original announcement to pursue a Vision Zero plan all but ruled it out, but witness after witness both testifying as individuals and for organizations spoke in favor of reducing speed as a Vision Zero component.

Newsworthy testimony from the hearing included near-release of the mayor's Vision Zero plan and emergency rulemaking slated for Friday in support of it. (Some of the rulemaking appears to mirror aspects of the bills at issue, but the details won't be known until they're published.)

Thanks to DaveS for his tweets, and to Dave C for the info he has provided on GGW, and for his work on the BAC and the Working group.

I don't mean to be excessively harsh to our Mayor, but she is all about lip service and meaningless platitudes.

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