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When I've used this intersection it's always been on a weekend day. So visibility was good and traffic low.

Nonetheless I recall having to wait several minutes for a break in traffic before dashing across. Few cars would stop for me and those that did you began worrying about their safety as cars behind would whip around them at highway speeds.

Oh, no. These situations terrify me - one car stops, you think it's clear, but a car in the next (seemingly empty) lane blows through.

This situation happens to me all the time trying to cross Greenbelt Road on the College Park trolley trail. I saw a cop crash into a minivan that had stopped to make a turn recently. Not exactly the same as blowing by a car stopped for a crossing bike or pedestrian, but the same principle factors of high speeds and recklessness, a sense of entitlement to high speeds due to grossly negligent unsafe road design, and distraction.

For 15 year I've crossed the intersection of the Rock Creek Parkway and Virginia Ave. Peds and cyclists can speed up the light change when headed East in the morning by pressing a button. When drivers see someone press the button they are far more likely to run the light than when the light changes on its own. Its a pretty stark difference.

And when I am driving and stop to let peds cross, I get honked at and almost run into. Srsly, this is a region-wide problem.

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