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Interesting look back. Ironic that the major change since then has been to clarify that cyclists can't use the roadway.

You're forgetting about the dramatic changes the bridges at National Airport made. Back then cyclists had to cross the ramp from National to the GW Parkway, going across traffic that was usually doing between 40 and 50 mph and had no respect at all for painted crosswalks. It took a lot of nerve to step out, basically daring drivers to run you over. We soar over all that now, our only complaint being that the bridges retain snow and ice for weeks after a snowfall.

cant use the roadway? i ride through the airport all the time...right past the cabs...under the old terminal...fuck them if they think they can stop me. this is like idiot idaho discussions: we already have the idaho stop!!! dc is too mucnh a socil disater, like the rest of the usa, to care about bikes, be that care good or bad. bikes are in the margins...and will remain so when you cant find an apartment fior under 2 grand and uneomplyment for blacks is 50 percent...

"because straightening paths and cutting down trees may make paths safer, but many cyclists feel such measures also make the trails less enjoyable."

Really? Many cyclists? Who says? Do they have have statistics on that? Agree with the cutting down trees part, I guess, but presumably one could plant more to make up the difference once the path is straightened. Just plant them where the curvy path used to be.

Uh, no one said people can't ride on the roads at the airport. I believe that reference was to the GWMP. Cyclists aren't supposed to ride on that road.

And yes, I see that the offensive, out-of-control poster is back. Not sure what those other stats have to do with the Mt. Vernon Trail at all.

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