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Wow, you are on top of things! I just saw this yesterday on the project website.

There is a short bike/ped path connecting Taylor St to Rivertech Ct that should serve as a good alternative - I imagine this is what they will sign. Taylor is 3 blocks east of Lafayette. Or you can just go through Riverdale Recreation area to connect to the NE Branch trail.
Drivers will be stuck using route 1 or Kenilworth. It's exciting to see progress on this project!

The Taylor street path doesn't have a curb cut at the outlet, but you can just hop down the sidewalk a bit to the next driveway. Also, there's a dirt path from the far SW corner of the ERCO parking lot that connects through the soccer field to get through the area.

Any new info on when the trolley trail section will be opened on the other side of the tracks?

I worked on the transit area plan for College Park a few years back, and I know they (PG County) were thinking of bike lanes and bike access as an integral component of the plan. This bridge in particular was a matter of discussion, and they were interested in accommodating bikes. However, they hadn't decided anything when my part of the project was done. Looks like they went forward with bike lanes to me.

Hopefully (auto) traffic will be relatively light on the bridge, such that with wide "shoulders" it won't matter if they are not technically bike lanes. It does look like plenty of space. But it would be nice for bikes to have enough space to ride alongside cars rather than take a full lane, since there could be significant grade on the bridge (I am thinking it will be a bit like the one taking alternate route 1 over the tracks in Hyattsville, by Franklins?)

The project website does not have any updated info on the trail status. The entire site appears to be a construction zone at this point . . I don't expect it would be any earlier than next spring or summer. Interestingly there is a sign at the fence, where the trail stops (on both sides), indicating that the trail is "temporarily closed", or something like that.

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