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Wrong side of the road too. Book'em Dano.

I assumed this was during the afternoon rush when the Parkway is one-way north. If not, that changes everything.

The poster says at YouTube that it was 4pm and that it was one way in the direction of his travel (i.e. northbound). I don't know of course, but I assume that the poster was riding on that stretch of road during the brief period it's blocked in both directions, when the police ensure that all southbound traffic has cleared. Once underway, the NB auto traffic is quite heavy and the road would be a dumb place to ride. Maybe that's what the office meant. But of course until they open the gates to NB traffic, it's just an empty road, with any lingering SB traffic quite easy to spot, and the admonition seems a bit - harsh. Better would have been, "hey, the gates behind us open in 90 seconds - better hurry!"

IIRC, that "bike path" has signs that says bikes are not allowed. At least it used to. So, damned if you, damned if you don't.

Dangerous Games sounds like the name of a bad 80's cover band.

Yeah, it looks like it was the brief period before they open the opposite side for north bound traffic.

When that lane opens cars on that side are gong flat out.. So yeah, I wouldn't want to be on it when that happens.

I think "harass" is a strong term here given what we've seen WRT police in the last few years. I would just listen to what the man says and move along.

I don't think that substandard trail next to the road has a sign saying no bikes now. I could be wrong but I've never seen it. I'll look soon, maybe tonight. It does, in many places, have a line in the middle as if it's meant to be a multi-use path, but sections of it, for instance between the Kennedy Center and the river, are basically broken slab, and pedestrians are not tuned in to cyclists. So it's deficient infrastructure and a guy trying to compensate by riding on the road, with a cop giving a friendly enough if unwanted bit of advice. Why put it on youtube as an example of harassment when real harassment exists?

its a far more dangerous game to ride a motorcycle. that muppet

I couldn't think of a better word than harass. Annoy? Bother?

Apparently this police officer has yelled at him before, so that's what prompted the upload. The first time he just let it go.

How about snarky?

IMO the path is fine in that particular section but directly in front of the KC it is very bad. And as you go further north the path becomes crap again.

If it is legal to ride Rock Creek Parkway (can't recall the NPS ruling on it) the only legitimate beef I think the officer has (other than that section being closed at the moment) is that the cyclist should be riding in the right lane of the right hand side .


Police harassment of cyclists. Plan and simple.

What is clear is that this officer can not be counted on to protect cyclists but to put his personal bias first.

When that lane opens cars on that side are gong flat out.. So yeah, I wouldn't want to be on it when that happens.

Not to take a position on the safety of riding that stretch in the PM, but the speed limit there is 25mph. Perhaps the cop could save some of his vitriol for the cars that treat it as a raceway in the mornings and evenings.

Perhaps the cop could save some of his vitriol for the cars that treat it as a raceway in the mornings and evenings.

Well taken. In all honesty I think 25 mph is slow for that stretch, but it is the law, and it'd be refreshing if instead of ragging on the cyclist, the cop were to ensure that the cars were moving at a pace that the cyclist might hope to match for at least those few hundred yards.

Ah -- another helpful motorist with helpful suggestions and one who is interested, too, in discussing the matter at length with logic and reason.

And what we have instead is heckling, but since he hasn't made any productive comment, what is the point? --beyond leaving it to us to guess. Why not provide useful information? "Hey, pal, you should probably be in the right-lane"; "the motorists will come through here like they owned the place and turn you to peanut butter"; something?

Ok, so no lines on that section of trail, and it's as bumpy and crap as I remeber it, but I didn't see any signs prohibiting riding.

Harass was the term the uploader used. It's okay if that's how he felt. I just thought uploading the video and calling it harassment was a bit of an unnecessary escalation between law enforcement and cyclists. To each his own

That's a US Park Police officer who is part of the motor group that changes direction of Rock Creek & Potomac Parkway each weekday during rush hour. He's probably upset because the cyclist is riding on a section of road that is briefly closed while they perform the change. This is clear as there's another motor officer ahead blocking all lanes on that side of the road (visible at :32 just before the cut). The cyclist could have come off the trail near the volleyball courts and not known this.

Law enforcement and cyclists have much in common... we are both at risk on our roadways: We both die as a consequence of impaired drivers who fail control their vehicles; by recent example, our own John Fauerby and Lynne Rosenbusch and MoCo Officer Noah Leotta. We will make a difference if we find common ground and respect. Maybe we need to have a C&LEADD?

IMHO this is a situation where the rider was right but wrong. Sure, the road was closed so for some short time, and surely long enough for him to traverse the section under the KenCen overhang, he had the road to himself. If it was me I would stayed to the right, then hung a left to the trail. (I believe that bikes are not allowed on the parkway going north from the closed section.)

I thought the post was about a motorcycle officer driving too close just to be snarky? Clearly he was.

If it is legal to ride Rock Creek Parkway

I think it is.

That guy looks like the same moron who was riding his motorcycle on the sidewalk near the Jefferson Memorial. Why they don't think the law applies to them, I don't know.

And yes, it is entirely legal to ride on the entire Rock Creek Parkway.

John has it right, it was the brief time when they are changing the direction. They put up saw horses that say "road closed" during this transition, so in fairness to the officer, that traffic control sign governs as the law when its up, including for cyclists.

That said, I also ride during the transition time in the lanes, typically in the AM just after 9 AM. The path by KC is wide enough, but it's a pressed-asphalt block pattern that is very bumpy for cyclists, and you have a lot of runners, dog walkers, and stroller pushers to share with, so the road is often a more friction-free option during these times.

The best solution would be to end the crazy directional changes on RCP, and just make it 2-way all the time. Then cyclists with the ability could keep up with the slower moving traffic if they chose. The one-way pattern turns it to a raceway.

The best solution would be to end the crazy directional changes on RCP, and just make it 2-way all the time. Then cyclists with the ability could keep up with the slower moving traffic if they chose. The one-way pattern turns it to a raceway.

Sure, but that would marginally inconvenience suburban car-commuters, and we know from the US Park Police charter that commuter convenience is their absolute greatest obligation.

Lot of people seem to be confused about the video.

I have a GPS calibrated clock on my bicycle I can tell when it turns 4 p.m.

4 p.m. is when all of the lanes go northbound on that road.

If the road is open to cars it is also open to bicycles. Yes it would have been extremely hairy if it had been full rush hour. That was not the case. As you can see in the video there are no cars on the road. It was in that two or three minute period when the cars are being released by the police officers and they are rushing Full Tilt to the light at Thompsons. I don't do that section everyday because sometimes I'm not there on time to beat the cars.

Why post the video?

1. What bugged me was that I do not have mirrors, so for the cop to rush up from behind me on his Harley was frighting and for him distracting from the road by talking to me was dangerous.

BTW: For those who think that the bike path or the multi use trail or whatever you call it under the Kennedy Center is good try to ride it 365 days a year in the dark in the rain in the snow with runners heading and all sorts of different directions with pedestrians with children and strollers and then tell me that riding on the road with no cars is unsafe.

2. I posted the video in support of another cyclist wondering if they were the only one to experience police bias on the road.

You have cleared up some vagueness, though I think you've also given support to the notion that there is no harassment here. Perhaps the officer was unsafe in the way he approached, and his language could have been clearer about what his issue was, but it would seem his concern was for your safety. I would tend to cut some slack for a hardworking public safety officer just trying to do his job the best he knows how.

@Crickey7: is that parody?

No. I think we, the most vulnerable road users, need to find common ground with law enforcement. Not reasons to find fault.

And when they act irresponsibly, we should call them on in, not just brush it off. If he thought there was a safety issue, he should have pulled the cyclist over for the conversation.

I'd be the last to say they're perfect. Then again, none of us are.

oh, well, if nobody's perfect I guess we should just give up

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