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Would seem strange that so many deaths occur on 25-mph streets, even with speeding, except that those kinds of streets are where most cyclists probably feel safest and ride the most. As such, it makes me think about perceived risk versus actual risk.

As for this:

"Protect people on bikes with enhanced enforcement that focuses on improper U-turns through bicycle facilities, parking in/blocking bike lanes, improperly entering mixing zones, dooring, and failure to observe three-foot passing law. Utilize subject-matter-expert police officers on bicycles. Publically report citations issued on a regular basis via open data on the Vision Zero website. (Target Completion October 2015)"

I haven't seen anything or noted any differences, but putting an end (or greatly reducing) these behaviors would go a long way to making cycling in DC safer.

Actually, I did note a DC Parking van blew the horn at a car that illegally U-turned on top of me this week. So there's that.

I don't believe we are capable of enforcing our way to Vision Zero. I think it'll take massive rebuilding of our streets to remove the efforts of generations of traffic engineers who have built them solely for the convenience of the motorist.

Yet even today I still see new construction that is anti-cyclist and anti-pedestrian.

I can only think of a handful of streets in DC that don't have 25mph speed limits. If I had to guess I would say that 90+ percent of the road-miles in DC have a 25 speed limit. Without that context the numbers given are pretty meaningless.

Sad to see the emphasis on enforcement rather than design. The successful Vision Zero effort in Sweden relies heavily on rebuilt roads; they explicitly recognize that drivers respond predictably to street design. To me, the strong emphasis on enforcement in this plan is tantamount to a decision to engage in the transportation equivalent of "security theater."

As for the 25mph streets... the list of the 15 most dangerous streets is a list of arterial roads, not neighborhood streets.

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