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I used to ride 16th Street from New Hampshire all the way to the merge with Georgia Ave. It was horrible. I can't image it's changed.

I agree that the goal should probably be for every street to have good, safe, dedicated bike facilities eventually. However, is there a pressing reason for DC to spend it's limited bike improvements budget on a street that has several nearby alternatives?

I don't live in that area of the city, so I've never seen the facilities. But if there is a continuous bike lane on 15th, one street away, then why shouldn't we improve other areas of the city - like work for a good, continuous East-West corridor somewhere in the city?

It's possible that the bikers riding through traffic are doing so because they are extra comfortable with their skill and ability to keep up with traffic and don't want to ride in the designated bike lanes because other cyclists would slow them down. I don't know if this is the case, or if it's more likely that people are riding one or two blocks on 16th to get to their destination. If the first scenario is correct, then adding bike facilities to this area, which already has three out of four streets at least somewhat covered, would seem like a misallocation of resources.

It's also possible that turning 16th street into a bus corridor would decrease some car traffic from the streets nearby, making them safer for cyclists to use the already existing facilities. So even if the project doesn't include some line painting for bikes, it might improve travel by bike anyway...

15th Street ends at Irving Street. So no good north of that. South of that, you will find that people who travel for transportation aren't going to go blocks out of their way.

Jumping in late here, but given the width of the street, I just don't see how 16th can include both transit and bike facilities. Given the number of bus riders, I'd focus on transit priority for 16th and put dedicated bike facilities on another street.

There may not be room, but at one point there was talk of creating bike/bus lanes. I haven't heard why that won't work.

Frequency of buses (which would be pretty often during peak hours) is a safe bet why a combined bus/bike lane may not work.

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