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I'd love to see an east-west route connecting Rock Creek Park to the National Arboretum.

It's somewhat disappointing that the study area stops short of the MD border. I know the other side doesn't have the connection yet built to hook into the Anacostia trail system, but it'd be nice to not have a gap on both sides of the border.

Roo_Beav, I agree, but the limits are not set in stone. The bike element of this should connect to the RCP Trail on the west side and to Varnum Street on the east. Varnum/Arundel/Allison is the best connection to the ART from the study area. Anyway, go to the meeting and make sure they include those connections in the study.

First thing is DDOT needs to map all the church locations and then move the project area as far as away from them as possible.

Or, you know, make a zig-zag church route. "Explore the churches of DC by bike!" Put in some bikeshare stations to pull in the tourists too.

Hello from Typepad!

Worth noting that this corridor involves one of the previously-proposed streetcar corridors that Bowser pulled the plug on.

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