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The at grade crossing help would be nice. Reproritizing the trail as the main artery would also be nice and reduce some conflict with people being bad at the crosswalks there.

The whole trail does get fuzzy right at East Falls Church Metro which is a shame for how much of a transfer spot that is but the neighborhoods surrounding the area are easy enough to navigate.

It looks to be outside of the scope of the project and may need to be tied to redevelopment but signing/improving a route behind the Giant shopping center over towards WFC and the schools should also be done and you'd have a nice trail connect to both Falls Church stations and a very direct trail or quiet road route along Falls Church's main commercial areas.

One thing I should have mentioned is that this piece of the W&OD trail will serve as both the Custis/I-66 Trail and the W&OD Trail once the I-66 trail is completed (between Dunn Loring and Bel Air the two merge). So it's smart to upgrade this portion.

I wasn't going to comment but I wanted to just to vocalize how good a project this seems to be.

@drumz: it won't be fuzzy there at all with the new alignment. Running through Crossman park always seemed like a no-brainer, so I'd assumed there was some kind of serious obstacle to doing so.

Sorry, I meant it was fuzzy. It definitely won't be post-fixes.

Residents of the newly minted Se7en (formally the bland and untenable Seven Corners) approve!

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