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The case was not a slam dunk, but the weight of the law heavily favored the County. Add to this the news that the State is moving toward one particular bidder for the Purple Line, and I can see breaking ground late this year or early next.

If A.J. needs help removing the fence I can volunteer!

OK, so now we know that MoCo can move the fence. What I want to know is whether MoCo has cleared the snow and ice.

Who buys a house and replaces a fence and never does a survey to make sure he knows where his property line actually is? and then blames the county for his lost landscaping costs?

Ajay Bhatt, that's who.

Were property taxes paid on this adverse possession of land?

The next time your local government behaves like a bureaucratic jerk instead of a reasonable person, blame people like this guy for making them have to do so.

And we all know that if the county had made him move the fence in the 80s, he would have spent the last 30 years complaining about how the county made him move a fence that wasn't bothering anyone in a place that nobody cared about.

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