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Even if there WAS adverse possession the state may retake it for a public right of way. I see the offer of money as a way to remove obstacles.

I go back and forth on the wisdom of the County's move here. On the one had, it's clearly premature given the ongoing court case, even though in truth the lower court ruling hinged on some facts that are likely to be unique to his property or at most a small group of properties. On the other hand, sparking a broader outcry from affected homeowners based on adverse possession claims will allow the County to conceptually frame the issue for the appellate court in terms that fit more neatly into the way adverse possession suits against railroads almost always come out. Which is for the railroad or, in this case, the entity that succeeded to the railroad.

What i find almost comical about people like Bhatt is how they extol the parklike virtues of the ROW, demanding it remain untouched, but still have no problem building structures of their own on it.

Hey, we're living in a time when a crew of lightly armed and educated yahoos can overrun federal property with complete impunity. The concept of public ownership--perhaps common goods in general--is in something beyond eclipse. If Mr. Bhatt and his neighbors are serious, they ought to stock their basements with survival supplies and resort to 2nd Amendment remedies. They'll be hailed as patriots in Congress.

Perhaps we should go have a picnic on the furthest back of Mr Bhatt's back lawn.

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