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i sometimes shovel the MVT connector from Crystal City when it snows. i'll be there Saturday morn.

It's actually not illegal for normal citizens to do work for the government for free; it's illegal for the government to ask its own employees to work overtime for free. That's a common misunderstanding of the "voluntary services prohibition" in 31 USC 1342 (and something only someone in DC would know or appreciate). :)

It is definitely illegal for an agency to request it or accept it, unless it is for a purpose allowed by Congress (which I guess is how NPS volunteers like SCA work) Because otherwise you could give money or services to Ollie North to get around Congress's power of the purse. Of course when you shovel, WashCycle, it will only be your form of exercising in the park, and will not provide money or goods that NPS can use.

One little spur leading to the SE side of Key Bridge from the intersection of doom. I've been riding in the road to avoid it, but if it's still there this weekend, I'll take a shovel out there.

Arlington plowed snow across the Custis along Lee Highway at Ft. Meyer. It was clear yesterday, and now there are big snow boulders in the trail. This caused pedestrians and cyclists to go out into Lee Highway. I expect they will fix this today, but it was a real boneheaded move to eff up what they had already cleared.

First day back at work, driving down Rock Creek Drive. NPS hasnt even touched the walk/ped path.

"driving down Rock Creek Drive . . ."

For penance, say 4 Hail Marys and shovel 25 linear feet of path.

Funny coincidence that you mentioned this; I just went yesterday and bought a snow shovel (I live in an apartment) to do this very thing in Alexandria! However, I will likely focus first on intersections that have piles of snow blocking curb cuts before turning my attention to the trails.

Hum, maybe I will do this tomorrow on MVT if OPM delays us again, great idea! I would have thought the snow would have melted by now though.

Next Wednesday's forecast is for a high of 72 with rain.

So we only like 10,000 of us on the MVT...in seriousness, what if we rented a bobcat? Is that really illegal? I would chip in $50 toward it and be willing to drive for a while. I mean, that's the odd part. NPS says oh it's so hard for us to do. Yet, I see the Bobcats moving snow over a city block in a few minutes. So sure, it would be a 24hour slog to do a long trail like MVT, but with shifts, it wouldn't be bad. And actual vehicle rentals are well under $1k.

I'd rather chip in for a bobcat. I did a number on my back shovelling my own house and a car space.

BUT: I can imagine a stink if we did that, with threats of impounding the vehicles, and complaints that we might or did damage the trail.

Best shovel for this has a narrow, flat blade. All we need is a strip slightly wider than a bicycle tire. Once some pavement is showing the sun will do a lot of the work.

A number of years ago I found an innovative bicycle-powered snow plow here:

I suspect this would be a lot easier than shoveling.

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