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Major nitpick: It's Potomac Yard. Singular, not plural.

As for the station and area, I'm just hoping A) they actually get it built, B) they make it possible to cross without entering the station, and C) they don't require "bikes to dismount" if all they're doing is crossing the tracks.

Thanks Froggie, I must've gotten it confused with a similarly named park and metro station in Silver Springs.

Where's the thumbs up buttons?

Thank you for all you do WashCycle!! I am a lifelong cyclist and Alexandria native who loves our regional trail infrastructure and endorses accessibility. There are a few issues and potential solutions with the proposed Metro pedestrian access design that this article could also consider. The design can be friendlier for commuters, pedestrians, and of course cyclists. May we discuss? It would be great to get ideas and comments. If I'm nuts you can just say so. Email me anytime. Thank you :)

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