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"The county approached the owners of the Apex Building about possibly redeveloping the site - allowing for construction of a better/cheaper Purple Line station with a full CCT - in exchange for some development rights, and long story short the owners are making plans to do that now."
Its a new owner that is now working with the county on a new bldg

Also on this:
"And the more I think about it, the more I'd like to see the tunnel continue under Woodmont and Bethesda Avenues to connect to the current CCT."

Honestly, other than cost, that's a great idea. Lots of cars and pedestrians....a tunnel would be a great way to continue on without affecting anyone

Its a new owner

Right. I was trying to write a brief summary (Hence the "long story short)", figuring most people know this already

At the end of the day, the county has to grapple with density. This means more tunnels, multimodal etc, and less of business as usual. It is more expensive to build a tunnel than widen a road, but if it gets people out of cars and leads to a vibrant local economy, then the money was well spent. For example, downtown Bethesda is going great, and continues to grown the area where the car speeds are lowest. Silver Spring has 3 highways cutting through it, but the growth is not centered on the highways but on a pedestrian mall area. Compare to Rockville Pike.

Wow! Just saw this. I am ecstatic, since I used to avidly follow this and blogged on it a couple of times a few years ago. (even the light tunnel idea!) Guess I fell out of the loop lately.



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