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Fairfax crews (which I assume were actually VDOT) were doing this on the sidewalks in front of schools...schools! You know, where CHILDREN walk to school. This seems like something that could (and hopefully will) lead to a lawsuit.

They did it in Arlington too. Our neighborhood had cleared sidewalks that the Bobcats came and covered with 12-ft piles of snow to finish clearing the streets once the plows started getting stuck. Maybe it's a bit understandable, but afterwords I think localities have a responsibility to come back and clean up the mess they've made. But that would require elbow grease, and governments don't seem to have their employees do any work that can't be done by machine anymore.

[shakes fist]

Well, children are much better suited to climbing over snowdrifts than we old people are. ;)

In parts of Chevy Chase they filled in sidewalks on one side of the street but ensured that the other side was open. I appreciate that they need to clear the roads, and need to find something to do with all the snow, and this seemed like a reasonable compromise (particularly along these narrow streets, where walking on one side versus the other is a matter of some indifference). But this looks like a wide and busy street - and I bet they're doing the exact same thing on the other side too. And for *parking* spaces.


Typical. Perhaps they should be fined for blocking the sidewalk

The snow should park in the parking spaces

When the sidewalks are the designated snow storage area for the snowplows, you have a system designed to fail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWCkKidUtTc

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