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I saw this in early January. My guess is DDOT finished it before the winter construction embargo. It's a really smart project, and it could be replicated in a number of locations to create through streets for cycling, without dirupting other streets. A few suggestions for other locations:

-6th St NW, btw Florida & U St.
-N St NW btw 17th & 18th
-Gallatin St NE btw New Hampshire Ave & Fort Totten Dr.

Cool, San Francisco just did the same thing. Police used to ticket cyclists for riding the wrong way but then they installed a contraflow lane.

@uptowner Gallatin also has a regular one-way bike lane and a parallel one on Hamilton appears to make it unnecessary.

I know Sharrows have taken a beating this past month on their effects, or absence of effects, but this type of application is perfect for them in the direction of vehicular traffic paired with the contra-flow bike lane.

Let's be sure that at least in DC, we don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.


When you have a car diversions, but allow through movement for bicycles, you end up with a local-access only street for cars (low speed & low volume), and a through street for bicycles (aka bicycle boulevard, aka neighborhood greenway). Sharrows are a great way to indicate this type of facility, but they do very little by themselves.

Another good street for a contaflow lane is 7th St. NE between Maryland Ave and Florida Ave. 6th is one way north and 8th is clogged with traffic and Metrobuses.



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