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According to Montgomery Planning, "The segment of the trail between Cameron Street and the Whole Foods parking lot is complete." This is what that section actually looks like:

Basically, it's a sidewalk. Let's hope the new sections are actually useful as bicycle infrastructure, because this is not.

Link didn't go through. Here it is:


The Green Trail isn't useless, but there are always pedestrians to dodge. I can't blame them since there's almost nothing to show it's not a sidewalk. Some paint (bicycle symbols & a center dividing stripe) would go a long way to show its intended use.

Thanks for the pic particularly as I've been commuting and shopping and otherwise being a transportational cyclist in Silver Spring for 15 years without ever having come across this 'trail'. How exciting .

I'll be attending largely to advocate for improved cycle access to and around the Silver Spring Metro and to advocate for increased attention to cycling support in Silver Spring across the board as the residential density in the urban climbs thru the roof with the new high rise construction. Time to head the traffic woes off early.

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