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Thanks for the post. Either there's quite a bit more to tuning a rear derailleur than I ever imagined, or this is a solution in search of a problem.

Pretty funny, I was thinking the same thing. Particularly on a road bike. Maybe we'll start wanting one of these as road drivetrains start moving into the "20 sprocket cassette" territory. :)

Had to check the calendar and make sure it's not the first of April!

Could be useful for those with aural perception differences. Check your privilege!

I was somewhat interested in this, as I feel like it takes me an hour to tune my gears whenever I need to do so (I'm just not very good at it and only do it every now and again, so I have never been able to hone my skills). Then I noticed that there is a fee to use the app. Not a one-time app purchase fee, mind you, but a recurring subscription fee. You either pay $4 for a week's worth of usage, or $40 for a year (and some amount I can't remember for monthly I think). Are you kidding me? I totally get apps that charge subscription fees to fund ongoing support such as server costs and whatnot, but unless the app's functions are running on the cloud (which they shouldn't be for this type of app), this is crazy. Sorry, not paying $40 a year or $4 every time I want to tune my bike.

Thanks John, I had not noticed that they charged you (I wonder it I was charged). That does seem like a lot.

This is a gag, right?

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