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Roads don't make money, and are clearly an amenity, but we fund them too.

As for CABI users wealth: We could charge more, but why single out CABI? CABI is a transportation program like roads and bridges, and all those highways favor the wealthy in the burbs over the poor in DC. Yet we don't toll most bridges and roads.

As for cost: the Wilson Bridge cost 2.5B. The REPAIRS to Arlington memorial bridge are estimated at $250M. Bike share is a rounding error.

For Heritage, this is more of a cultural issue than economics

Nothing else works like Bikeshare, so comparisons fail. It's for short trips in the areas of the city where adding most cars on the road and associated car storage is most problematic. It's added capacity right where you most want it, and cheap at the cost.

He'll never respond to how significantly roads are subsidized out of general government funds. That's not true fiscal conservatism. That's hypocrisy. I can't take republicans seriously. Despite to grossly bloated military spending due in large part to bloated useless contracts like for the F35, they still want to get on their soap box and talk about government waste like bikeshare.

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