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Putting this section of Van Dorn St on a road diet is a no-brainer. Traffic on this section is only 5500 vehicles per day (Average Daily Traffic (ADT)) according to VDOT's data. There is no need for 2 travel lanes in each direction at this level of traffic.

Thanks for this reporting! This project was discussed at the February BPAC meeting, where it got a round of applause. We were told that the public at the January Park Place meeting was supportive of the road diet.

People who live in the area and who want more bike lanes should please come out to the March 15 meeting. This project is still under discussion and nothing is a done deal.

Fantastic plan. I bike this street several times a year and never feel safe, plus, in the 20 years aware of north van dorn, I've never seen a necessity for 4 lanes. I wish I had a bit more heads up about this hearing tomorrow tho.

Doesn't do a thing for me without some bike facilities on the part of Van Dorn south of Braddock. Unfortunately, the traffic on this segment is heavier, and there is not enough space for bike lanes without taking space that the cars need. Still, maybe there is enough space to perhaps widen sidewalks into MUPs.

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