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More than you ever wanted to know:

Before Capitol Hill Bikes, Metropolis was the shop at 709 8th SE. Metropolis closed due to the owner's sudden death in 1998 or so. I think there are still signs in the parking garage at Fashion Center that thank Metropolis for supplying mountain bikes for mall security.

This was actually Metropolis's second location in the neighborhood. Both Metropolis and Big Wheel had shops close to Eastern Market, one on 7th SE and one on Pennsylvania Ave SE. Both were interested in expanding, both negotiated on the 709 8th space. Metropolis closed the deal and Big Wheel moved on not long after that.

When CityBikes opened in that space there were still a couple of customers who called the shop Metropolis and swore they had been shopping there for 20 years. Totally missed the closed years and the name changes.

Yes. Metropolis. Thank you.

DaveS, it looks like the owner, Barry Elias Rivkin, died in mid-October 1999


And that it closed at that time.


I hope City Bikes stays around. They have been part of DC for decades and, now that biking is taking off, it would ironic for them to be pushed out.

I was there today. They are not staying around. Their lease is up and they couldn't get an extension.

Just heard on WTOP that the new Tenleytown location will feature a mountain bike test track.

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