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I have no idea why they selected that location on Wisconsin ave for a bicycle store.
The lease is short term.
Visibility is great. But I think its a bad location for a bicycle store.

The Cap Riverfront area could really use a bike shop, and it has lots of growth ahead.

@ Brett Young

Yes, the lease is only temporary - Georgetown Day School will be redeveloping that space at the end of the 2 year lease. But there currently are zero bike shops in Ward 3 with Hudson Trail going under.

And despite the fact that Ward 3 appears to have a car-centric population of anti-growth NIMBYs, there are still lots of folk who ride and will need service.

Sure, not the same concentration of millennials, but lots of kids and parents. I have no idea how to run a bike shop (and make money doing so) although skewing toward outfitting these demographics would make sense.

And after the lease is up, there are plenty of other spots available on that strip, including the former HTO, that can accommodate a bike shop.

Upper NW is pretty underserved by bike shops. I know, because my commute routes cover nearly all of NW West of the Park. There's virtually nothing between downtown and Bethesda. This store will do fine.

If there were really a huge demand for bike shops, there'd be more bike shops. The reality is it's a really tough business, and it's almost impossible for small local places to compete with the big boxes. We'd like it to be the case that they could make it by focusing on quality, and routine maintenance, etc., but that just doesn't seem to be the case. (There are a few I can think of, but they seem to survive by pulling people from all over the region, not on a hyperlocal customer base.) I don't see how that can possibly change unless people were willing to pay car-dealer mechanic's rates and spend more on annual bike maintenance than they'd spend on a whole bike from wal-mart.

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