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I agree with the last comment. I have never understood why this trail was a priority.

Priority is different than necessary or useful. Those are different value judgement. Are you saying you don't know why the County wants to do this, or why they are working on this now instead of something else?

The CCT project here would save a few minutes for some people. I would prefer that the $ were spent on other things, like improving the Met Branch Trail or striping roads, or improving other biking. Little Falls Parkway is right next to this CCT spur, and is heavily used by cyclists who ride on the emergency lane. The lane could be widened.

Just my 2c

Well, they aren't spending any money on yet - just coming up with the plan.

They are spending significant time and money on the planning.
I suspect it is to ensure that Bethesda residents feel invested in county projects

Neighborhood connectors are great but this one does look expensive.

There are probably projects more worthy than this but this is Chevy Chase so their desires do get attention.

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