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I think making this a pedestrian bridge can really transform the area of the Lincoln Memorial facing virginia.
Remove all of those roads and create a park like setting where you can easily walk to the Watergate steps

I say don't fix it. Restricting or prohibiting heavy vehicle traffic on this bridge would be an amazing thing. NPS shouldn't be in the business of facilitating suburban sprawl by building and maintaining highways through parkland.

Get rid of the trucks first, limit the cars to one lane each way, and let the people have the rest. More bikes, horses, skateboards, hopscotch. Less fumes and zooms.

I third these motions. Seems an ideal location for a non-motor vehicle esplanade sort of use. The cab and Uber drivers would be spitting nails of course but this seems emblematic of the sort of shift in thinking that is required to move away from private passenger focused infra.

And here I thought I was going to be the radical...

I think your ideas for the redesign and great, but too modest. We should push for a Pennsylvania Ave-like dual-flow cycletrack down the middle. Cyclists could get on the cycletrack from the back of the Lincoln (yes, you'd have to cross one, almost-never-used bus lane, but a raised crosswalk would make that pleasant). On the almost-Virginia side, you could create nice paths to the east and south to connect to other trails. The Memorial Circle project could improve the connection to the MVT. The connection from the Lincoln to the ANC Metro/110 Trail would be pleasant.

Oh....I like that. On the almost Virginia side, I would have the cycletrack start to drop down via a ramp as soon as you get to the two towers at the end of the bridge. Then, by the time you get to the concrete triangle on the east side of the circle you're below street level. Here, three paths are possible.

Straight ahead takes you under memorial circle and then up again into the circle with another underpass to the other triangle leading to Memorial Avenue and the Route 110 trail.

Left takes you under mmeorial circle to the current MVT connector.

Right takes you under memorial circle to the new MVT connector.

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