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I wanted to hear about their transportation policy. I suspect Trump, Cruz, and Rubio would advocate for cutting bicycle and transit funding from transportation spending and they'd promise to keep oil prices low while alleviating congestion by building more roads. Likely Hillary too except she wouldn't cut bicycle and transit funding.

I biked to the polls yesterday and filled in my little box, even though I felt it was pointless. Such a strange election.

I hear you. DC's Democratic Primary is literally the last primary or caucus of the year. I think it comes after the convention. Talk about pointless.

I didn't think voting in Virginia was pointless at all, especially on the Republican side, where Rubio nearly beat Trump. I count myself lucky to live in a "swing state". Someday we'll get rid of gerrymandering and votes will matter more.

As for transportation proposals, both Hillary and Bernie favor an infrastructure bank. It gets a mention in this misleadingly-pessimistic article: http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2016/02/26/468298576/economists-on-candidates-proposals-mostly-bad

Republicans don't talk about transportation much. As best I can tell, they've given up on voters in cities.

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