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That part of the trail has some teeth-chattering ruts.

"You are being cited for polluting without a permit. It's not like those permits are hard to get."

Simpsons paraphrase

I tried to contact MoCo about this and they weren't much interested. So, they are willing to spend a few thousand on fixing the trail, but not sending someone around to tell the factory owner not to dump on the trail.

The Metro Branch Trail is like this too where is parallels the construction staging area. In a few years, bad drainage will begib to scour under the trail

Yeah, the met branch is built on top of the old Tyber River, so it's not surprising it has drainage issues. Someone I used to talk to about the trail really wanted DC to buy extra land in the corridor to daylight part of that.

The Tyber? DC's fascination with Rome goes further than I thought

Sorry, Tiber Creek.

One of Ajay Bhatt's persistent whines on Facebook is the supposed lack of a stormwater management plan for the Purple Line.

I have to give Ajay credit, he still hasn't given up. I still get fundraising emails from his pet organization predicting imminent success in whatever quixotic step they're about to take.

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