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the only time i've ever been injured on my bike from a car was getting doored back in 2012. and that was from a passenger getting out the right side of a taxi that was double parked. that driver certainly did not get a prize for injuring me.

What I'm uncertain of is if these a$$holes deserve our scorn. It didn't really do anything for Courtland Milloy except lots of publicity. At a time I use to try contacting them on Twitter, email, and submit complaints to the editor, but idk if it's best to simply ignore them and not read the article. Thoughts?

It's the old "there's no such thing as bad publicity" saw. But I think that in today's journalism world, each writer is his/her own brand. If Kunkle is cool with being a bomb-thrower than it probably doesn't hurt him, but if he'd like to have a different kind of reputation, then I think it does.

Dooming is such a scary thing for every city cyclist. No way to avoid it unless you rigorously refuse to ever ride in the "kill zone".

I've never been doored but have come close a half a dozen times or so.

Oops - I was "doored" once. While stopped on my bike in the right lane for a minute or so a driver in a parked car flung their door into the side of me.

I recall they gave me a dirty look and didn't apologize.

After I read one of his first columns in which he had a "joke" about getting murdered in Baltimore, I decided to never read his writing.

I appreciate good dark humor, but his dark humor is so bad it comes across as mean. I think he's smart enough to realize this, which means he's trolling for hate clicks. Don't give him what he wants.

I'm going to apply Hanlon's razor here (Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity) and say that Kunkle probably wrote his article without knowledge that people have died from dooring collisions.

His whole perspective is from someone who views cyclists as annoying instead of someone who actually understands why this dooring bill is important in the cycling world.

I don't care if he apologizes, but I would like for him to gain a better understanding of issues before he writes about them. His ignorance here annoys me more than his snark.

No way to avoid it unless you rigorously refuse to ever ride in the "kill zone".

Which should be standard practice for anyone riding a bicycle. Dooring from parked cars is one of the few collision types that is 100% preventable by a cyclist.

Now if only we could convince our communities to stop painting bike lanes in the danger zone...

When was it a special privilege to cyclists for the law to say you can't hit them with your car?

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