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Where can I find a map of the trail as it exists now? Google Maps shows that it ends at Benning Road (which matches what I see here too: http://www.capitolriverfront.org/_files/docs/awiriverwalk12lr.pdf ) Does it really go all the way to NYA now?

@Chris Jones, the construction project page has a map of the extension here: https://www.anacostiawaterfront.org/awi-transportation-projects/anacostia-riverwalk-trail/kenilworth-aquatic-gardens-segment/project-area-map-anacostia-riverwalk-trail-kenilworth-aquatic-gardens-segment/

Currently there is a dead end at Benning Rd if you are coming from the south, and just north of US route 50 (NY Ave) if coming from the north. On the MD side, after passing Bladensburg Waterfront Park there are no intersections with other trails or streets (all of which is clearly illustrated in the map posted by Darren).

This looks like it is progressing well - seems like it could be opened before the end of the year, perhaps sometime this summer? Has anyone been able to check out the section through Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, especially the bridge over the marsh outlet, recently? I was at the Benning Rd terminus recently, and could see work being done just beyond a small bridge over a stream just north of Benning.

@darren , @Purple Eagle - that's helpful, thanks!

Last time I went down there, this was the status. From Benning road to the NPS service equipment area, the trail is unpaved and they have not yet started the bridge over the powerplant outflow.

From the NPS area to Foote Street, the trail is paved, but there are holes drilled in it for something that probably still remains to be installed - lighting perhaps? And also some shoulder work.

From Jay Street to the River, the trail is mostly paved, but for a few sections.

The whole trail along the river is unpaved, but cleared. The bridge over Nash Run (the marsh outlet) is passable, but not finished.


Very nice, but I have a question: why do they seem to make bike trails windy? Its more scenic, but gives less visibility, more chances for crashes, and more opportunities for creepy people to hide.

It seems that the planners conceive of trails only as scenic diversions, not as actual routes somewhere.

Sometimes it's to match the terrain - hiking trails are the same way - and other times it's to avoid big trees. But some of it is aesthetic I think.


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