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You don't have to go out to Oakland to find this. It's exactly what we do in Fairfax County. As soon as the summer repaving list comes out, the bike coordinator and FCDOT staff are on it, figure out how best to implement the Bike Master Plan via these repaving projects. It does mean that sometimes there are short sections, but eventually, they should all be covered (400 square miles makes a big list)

7 of 12 of Alexandria's 2015/2016 repaving projects get some sort of complete streets/bike lanes or about 50% by mileage.

The roads not getting anything for bikes are larger, longer, harder ones such as Eisenhower (which has a trail), Duke St and Van Dorn St although the latter two have long term sidepaths planned.

I was going to mention Fairfax as well. Though on at least one project (annandale road) it doesn't seem like they painted a bike lane but just painted an extra wide parking lane. But other places they've done have been pretty nice.

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