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Bar ends fit nicely in the center hole. No box needed.

That may work, but my co-workers may not want to share them.

Will the manufacturers now offer donut-specific bikes?.

Fer crissakes, don't give them any ideas.

Simples. Eat donuts first, then ride. Eff the coworkers, who can gets their own.

Lay them flat but in a long narrow box one doughnut wide. Fits on top of bike rack secured by cargo net or bungee.

ok fine but what about the real issue: transporting a pizza by bike?! How am I supposed to do it without specialized equipment???

You just have the wrong rack. No problem at all with a Porteur rack like this one:

Sure, I have the wrong rack. Me and 99.99% of all cyclists. It doesn't sound like much of a business plan to me.

It isn't that the box doesn't work. it's that when you slide it sideways in the bag, the hot doughnuts all slide to the bottom to turn into mushed sweet doughnut balls.

A front rack is below you and to the front, well placed for the warm aroma of donuts to flood your nose as you ride. Try riding any distance with that without eating half the box.

Completely off topic


NYPD car hits cyclist riding in the bike lane, causing minor injury, serious property damage. Police report lies to blame cyclist. Security video proves otherwise.

Sorry, broken link. Try this

Cairo, Egypt - bread transport

Perhaps we just need to improve our biking plus cargo carrying skills?

Better yet, that might qualify as a helmet

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