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For a cyclist it's no big deal, but for a pedestrian, that's not a detour, that's a no-go.

Also, TR Bridge is too narrow to accommodate much increased traffic. I think I'll just go back to using Key Bridge during the closure periods.

To mitigate the long detour, NPS should connect the south-side sidewalk to the Mount Vernon trail, as you have noted previously.


south side of Teddy Rosevelt/I-66 bridge

Move to Maryland.

How about a pontoon bridge!

But srsly, if you look at the extra loops connecting the bike /ped routes with the roads, its clear that they could make it easier by fixing some of the pathways.

No thanks, Crickey. I want to live. We get enough Maryland drivers over here and downtown as it is, and don't get me started on MoCo roads. Then there are the speed traps on the CCT and the lack of plowing in the winter.

Why does the map say it is "not to scale?" It's a freaking photograph; of course it is to scale.

I would think the detour through the marina and the 14th street bridge is a little shorter.

Damn , I was really hoping for the self immolation choice from the Park Service, closing the bridge to motor traffic and converting it to a pedestrian & cycle mall.

Yes, it's a big problem that my average speed on the way in, along approximately 6 miles of the scenic Potomac River, is well in excess of 15 mph.

+1000 to xmal - It would be awesome if this project somehow became a catalyst for connecting the south side sidewalk on the TR bridge to the MVT. Heck, just build a stairway! I'm sure a lot of people would rather carry their bike up or down a long flight of stairs than go another mile and a half out of their way. It would be like the stair connection between the C&O Canal trail and the Capital Crescent trail. How much does a 30-40 foot stairwell cost?

That's a high priority element of the draft version of the updated NPS trails plan (post forthcoming). Of course, it was a high priority item in the 1990 plan too. But this time, they mean it.

"Why does the map say it is "not to scale?" It's a freaking photograph; of course it is to scale."

They meant not to 1:1 scale.

So you admit to speeding on the CCT? :>)

It's okay. My average is 16+, with my record 19.6. But I usually go in before the crowds. If it's crowded, I slow down.

Another vote here for connecting the south sidewalk to the MVT. But, regarding the stairs connecting the CCT and C&O, did they ever replace those after removing them once that car hit them? I haven't gone out that way yet this spring.

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