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Any idea how they plan on keeping stations balanced-- and if there will be an app with load information?

There is an app, but I'm not sure what it does.

I do like that their bikes have usable baskets and racks. That's my biggest gripe about CaBi.

Jersey City and Hoboken just launched separate bikeshare systems, and it is an unqualified disaster. Both cities are passing laws targeting users from the other system. Newspapers are writing negative headlines. Mayors are calling each other names. Just a bad scene all around. Let's hope College Park realizes their mistake quickly and joins the system used by all other jurisdictions in DC.


They may not have made a mistake. They lose the benefits of the Network Effect, but CaBi stations are pretty far away. If this system is really as much cheaper as they say it is, then it sounds like the got a lot of utility by giving up very little.

Problems with municipal government in New Jersey? You don't say.

I hope CaBi finds a way to put a station at least near one of those.

Hoping for College Park that isolating themselves from the greater Washington area works.

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