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"They added $800,000 to resurface the DC portion of the Capital Crescent Trail in 2016"

Curious but I've always observed the NPS doing all the maintenance on this trail.

It may be that DDOT pays for the work and NPS does it.

I have heard the same as Washcycle regarding funding v. maintenance. Great to hear as my rollerblading on that portion of the trail has been severely compromised.

Interestingly, the recent MOCO repaving (within the past 2 years?) is already showing some signs of cracking, mostly in the low lying portions that tend to ice up over the winter. Thus, I conclude the world is not a perfectly paved place.

Sigh, the old South Capitol Street trail gets delayed again. I used to bike commute to the NRL and dreaded the days when the fickle JBAB guards wouldn't let me ride through the base, meaning that I was instead riding alongside 50+ mph traffic on South Capitol/Overlook Ave. I remember going to a meeting about trail construction which must have been in 2010 or so. I was so naively optimistic about the new trail...

Oh well, I don't work there anymore so I guess its delay doesn't affect me. Still disappointing that it hasn't happened yet and won't in the near future.

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