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I just don't think this guy sitting in jail does anything to educate the public.

Instead of jail time for unintentional crimes like these, I'd much prefer long term suspended licenses and long term community service. Something like going around to schools and explaining the dangers of drinking/distracted driving.

@Bayley vanderpoel
I agree with you in that a greater amount of good can be done by having the criminal perform community service and/or speaking engagements as it helps with rehabilitation, but I think that is Step 3 of what needs to be done.

Step 1 is to actually convict her of the crime, which I am happy to say was done in this case.

Step 2 is to prevent her from committing this crime again. The only way to remove any chance of her driving for now which would be jail time, as a suspended license does nothing to stop her from getting behind the wheel of another car especially if she is drunk. While in jail, she can undergo therapy to deal with the alcohol issue, and I think her progress in that therapy should affect her ability to drive once she is out of jail.

People who drive drunk already exhibit a shocking lack of judgment. Going from committing the act that gets one's license suspended, to driving with a suspended license, is no large leap.

Interesting that killing two motorists by the side of the road could be punished more seriously than killing to cyclists.

I'm more interested in things other than jail time. Jail is expensive for society, and may not be rehabilitative for this driver after the first 6 months. I'd rather see a lifetime driving ban and community service requirement.

Perhaps the difference is that Mate was a repeat offender? I didn't see any past DUI history info in the Lyon article.

That was my thought too.

good point on driving with a suspended license, although if it were something like a lifetime ban maybe they could be prevented from even registering their car, so at the least, they'd have to borrow someones car, who'd be liable as well. Just thinking out loud.

Good point. For repeat offenders, I tend to support jail.

This is 2016. Technology must exist that would render cars inoperable unless a valid operators license is swiped or scanned prior to engine ignition. I realize that we can't install this technology in older cars, but let's not wait until thousands more are maimed or injured by drivers operating a vehicle w/o a valid license. Make this mandatory for the next model year. I would gladly pay the extra cost to protect my family and me.

While we are at it, install the technology that would render phones inoperable in a car that is not in Park or does not have the parking brake engaged, except for dialing 911. The life saved might be yours, or your children's.

Though the moral aspect keeps me from drinking and driving or riding, the prospect of spending months or years in prison is also a strong deterrent. My family would be w/o income and insurance, I would be shamed and generally unemployable, and being in confinement scares the hell out of me.

Drinking and driving or riding is not unintentional.

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