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Some people think the garage shouldn't be there because a corner of it is on county property and they want it torn down. And the Riveros are angry about that.

I love that bit -- the Riveros are angry. It seems to be pretty much the universal reaction when people get caught appropriating public space for their own use and are told they need to stop: they raise their voices, beat their chests and pound the table, and solemnly swear they're not going anywhere without a fight.

To be clear, there is a selection bias at work here. Only the people who put up a fight get into the papers.

I own a house with a fence that encroaches on property associated with an adjacent alley. It was that way when I purchased the house. If the city of Alexandria ever asks, I plan to tear down some or all of the fence and (probably) rebuild it within bounds. Not everyone who owns property is a greedy self-serving jerk.

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