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I stopped reading the article that Sadie wrote when she said "In addition to accidents, cyclists face another major health risk: Air pollution. Bike commuters inhale about three times as much air pollution as drivers..."

Wow. And to think how unsafe walking is...especially those long distances...think of all of that air pollution that I inhale.

Well I still think it is a crime that there are days when the air quality is so bad that it is recommended people stay indoors.

Wake up people. We only get 1 planet.

Apparently, I'm already dead and don't even know it.

tl;dr: Bike commuters live longer than auto commuters. The two groups don't always die from exactly the same things.

Cyclists are less risk averse, and that is associated with all sorts of increased risks of physical injury and accidental death from all activities. (e.g. my willingness to try different foods led me to 3 days of GI distress).

But a slightly higher risk tolerance is also associated with lots of positive benefits: health, creativity, entrepreneurship, and greater financial success. It was two bicycle mechanics that flew the first powered plane.

I wish she would have mentioned how NO ONE has died using bikeshare in the US despite 30m+ rides since 2007. There is literally no other transportation mode that is safer.

Mortality is a very limited way of looking at risk-benefit ratio of cycling. I bet a measure of significant health impairment would give a different picture. I also don't think the mortality stats have full applicability to us, Dears. We all hear about the tragic deaths of local bourgeoisie, but the nationwide data capture clueless youth and the involuntarily car-free, as well, both of whom probably contribute significant numbers.

As for exposure to air pollution, that is a risk, not an outcome, and there is no basis on which to assume that any related health outcome would be the same in a sedentary and a fit population.

And are motorcycles the most dangerous way to "get around?" Or are they the most dangerous way to get home from a bar? Or are they the most dangerous vehicle for men between 18 and 29? Or..?

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