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What a wide assortment of bikes I saw today, from pink fixies, to recumbents, to high end road bikes (seriously, guys, call your high-speed passes on the trail), to department store dual suspension tanks.

re: Marilyn

<insert obligatory helmet scold-sentiment here/>

But Steve McQueen gets a pass? Sheese! No wonder we have such a gender gap in riding. SMH

I don't put the kids in helmets when they ride in the cargo bike, because they have a harness on and that thing is not tipping over. Some woman on Friday pulled up next to me and looked at the kids disapprovingly and then said to me "They should really be in helmets" before riding away.

I caught up to her at a later light, and I advised her that parents don't normally appreciate unsolicited criticism about their parenting (leaving out that I know a little bit about helmets too).

McQueen gets a pass because of his blue eyes and that fabulous old Raleigh (?!) with the awesome angled panniers. They used to make em that way to minimize heel strike but stopped over the years.

But Steve McQueen gets a pass?

He's got one foot planted on the ground. It's a variant on the old Hays Code adopted by Hollywood.

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