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I do kind of wish that there'd be both concrete sidewalks and chipseal-surfaced trails in these instances where expansion and contraction occurs due to weather factors, just so that wheel users can have the option of a continuous surface vs. the bumps of a sidewalk.

Nonetheless, I'll take it!! This is wonderful!

This is one project that I thought I would never see done in my lifetime and yet here it is after being closed since 1991 (25 years ago). Bravo.

Maybe some of the good luck of this project will spill over to completing the MBT before I die (I’m 66, so 66 + 25 = 91 … could happen).

Restore Klingle Road!!!

(Sorry, was feeling nostalgic...)

This is very nice. I have to ask: do we need it to be THIS nice every time? I ask because if cost is a major factor, can we get more repairs done by doing them a little more roughly? I really don't know

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