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I used to ride this area a lot. It's not too bad, I agree. I would reiterate the need for more E-W connectors.

Richard Layman keeps noting the need for a bike lane on Military/Missouri (as present in the MoveDC plan). Any mention of this at the meeting?



I think Petworth would be an excellent testing ground for Bike Boulevards. Many are already close, and with some strategic diverters and intersection priority, they could be awesome. It would need some on the ground community support, though. Put in you comments, though, or nothing will happen.

Yes, I mentioned the Military Road issue to every group of staffers I talked to. thanks to the original Wash Cycle post about this meeting for bringing up that issue and reminding me of it.

It makes sense for so many reasons:

--there's no other way to cross through the park unless you go all way south to Park / Tilden (other streets like Blagden lead into the park but there's no good way out until Tilden)

--It's much flatter than the Park Road / Tilden route, which is extremely strenuous and very discouraging for most cyclists, including me.

--past THAT the only relatively flat, relatively straight way through the park is through Adams Morgan and the Calvert St. Bridge to woodley park

--It would be a nice place to have a trail for pedestrians and cyclists, since it's in the woods.

But I encourage you to go to the study map and add that comment! the more people who bring it to their attention the better.

The good news is that the Military Road issue is one of the top priorities mentioned in the NPS Paved Trails study. The bad news is that many of their top priorities from the 1990 report are still unaddressed.

Agreed on Military, which is often used like a freeway.

I live in the area (a little north) and it's interesting to me that New Hampshire keeps coming up as a corridor for a PBL. It's in MoveDC, and I think WABA also mentioned that it came up when they did the Ward 4 bike ride with CM Todd last year. I would love a PBL on New Hampshire, but it seems like a tough pull to me--there's no existing extra road space without removing parking for the length of the corridor and I can only expect that would trigger enormous opposition. Any idea how they want to do it?

Have they considered Kansas instead? Since Kansas already has lanes from Georgia north, they could quite easily repaint the road and convert to a 2-way PBL.

Thank you for sharing about this.


North of Grant Circle, the street is 47' wide allowing for this configuration. Not ideal, but it would be light years better than what's there now:

8' parking
10' driving
10' driving
8' parking
3' buffer
8' 2-way bike lane

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