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Regarding the Oregon Ave connection - you can use Daniel Lane and either Pinehurst or Wyndale to connect to Beach Drive. There are some fairly steep grades along that route though. Pinehurst comes out at Beach Dr directly across from a parking area, and from there you can access the paved Rock Creek Trail too.

There is an existing paved trail parallel to Oregon between Military and Wise. It's not a great path for cyclists though, since it follows the contours of the land. I imagine most cyclists using that corridor would stay on Oregon Ave if the trail remained in that condition.

Oh, I see. They mean Daniel Road in Chevy Chase, not Daniel Lane in DC.

Yeah, I've ridden that Oregon Avenue path once. It was not pleasant, and not ADA compliant. They'll be more about this in a future post.

I'd be happy if they'd just finish the MVT Route 223 bridge trail work. They've done squat since January, and its a dangerous mess. Its also the worst paving job I've ever had the misfortune to ride over. Seriously, 15 year old pavement is smoother than the new stuff!

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